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Spitzenkandidaten: The key to the European political parties’ candidates to the European Commission presidency after the EU elections of 2019.

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Vinces opens its new office in Barcelona

Vinces has decided to open an office in Barcelona, taking into account the growing need for specific advice with Catalan institutions and local interest groups.

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New Data & Business Intelligence department

This new department will reinforce Vinces’ role as a strategic consultancy firm for Heads of Public Affairs. It will provide them with new tools to facilitate the anticipation of political decisions, the prediction of institutional risks or the monitoring of their ability to influence.

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New political situation in Spain: Ten key-questions

It is the first time in the history of Spain that the Prime Minister has been appointed after winning a motion of censure.

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Better regulation in the digital era: What is the future of business regulation? #EUPowerShift Series

The Better Regulation Agenda has been a priority of the Juncker Commission. What are the lessons learnt from the actions carried out in the past years? What remains to be done to complete this ambitious agenda? What new approaches can be thought of in the future, notably in light of the transition towards an ever more digital economy?

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Prácticas en Vinces

Vinces, consultora estratégica en asuntos públicos, busca a un estudiante de universidad para realizar unas prácticas a tiempo parcial. De incorporación inmediata.

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Brexit y sector agroalimentario: CONCLUSIONES DE LA JORNADA

Breves conclusiones tras la jornada, celebrada el pasado 26 de septiembre, en la que contamos con expertos del sector y responsables de los principales partidos políticos.

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