Aránzazu Ugalde

Senior Consultant

Aránzazu provides strategic advice to foreign and national companies for managing political, regulatory and social dimensions. She specialises in the energy and digital sectors.

Before joining Vinces, Aránzazu worked as head of international relations at the law firm of Payet, Rey, Cauvi, and Pérez Abogados in Peru, where she also provided legal counsel for commercial matters.

She also worked in the Public Law and Competition department at Baker & McKenzie in Madrid, at the General Consulate for Spain in Lima, and at the Legal and External Relations Division for L’Oréal Spain.

Academic background

  • Master in the Professional Practice of Law (UNIR – Rioja International University).
  • University studies at the Paris Nanterre University (Paris X), France.
  • Degrees in Law and Political Science and in Public Administration (Pontifical University of Comillas ICADE – Madrid).