Inés Sánchez Prado

Inés Sánchez Prado


Inés has a degree in  in Audiovisual Communication and over seven years of professional experience as PR, social media manager and content creator. She has combined her experience in the field of audiovisual production (for companies such as Sony Music Entertainment or Universal Music World) and communication, with the production of her own audiovisual projects, highlighting her documentary Pareja which has received several awards in international festivals. She has also developed advocacy campaigns for local councils.

At Vinces she manages the company’s communication and PR, as well as being a member of the Mobilisation & Stakeholders department and providing advice to companies in the field of communication and social media.

Academic Background

  • PR and creative communication training (Brother, creative school).
  • Social Paid Media training. (IM Digital Business School).
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media training. (Financial Studies Centre).
  • Degree in Audiovisual Communication. (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid).