Business development through public affairs

70% of companies lack public affairs' methodology

Our methodology
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We are undergoing a paradigm shift in how companies operate. Corporate value is no longer measured solely on the yield that investors receive. Instead, bottom line goals are inextricably linked to the value that the company brings to all its stakeholders and society as a whole.

While business success is becoming increasingly dependent on non-market management, most companies lack the methodology for them to successfully thrive in the non-market environment.

At Vinces we help you build and consolidate your company’s legitimacy through our methodology represented by Vinces legitimacy pyramid ™:



A company’s ability to participate in public decision-making processes is proportional to their legitimacy. Vinces’ methodology is therefore based on the principle ‘influence through legitimacy.’

The capacity to promote you company’s interests will depend on the extent to which you can build and nurture you legitimacy among political, legislative-regulatory and social stakeholders.

Phase I


The first step is to get to know your company, business model and business goals, how are they conditioned by political, legislative, regulatory and social factors and your institutional positioning. We will also evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with respect to your competition and your engagement with political, regulatory and social stakeholders.

We will analyse your company’s political and regulatory threats and opportunities or any public decision-making process that might affect you. Once all this is clear, together we will work out an engagement plan.

Phase II


Together, we will make a plan with clear goals and institutional priorities, in accordance with the company’s business goals. Together we will define the best course of action to achieve them.


Influence through legitimacy