13 mayo 2015 55 SEC de lectura

Desayuno Farmacéutico I

[descripcion_evento titulo=»Managing Corporate Affairs in Pharma Companies» descripcion=»May 13. Assembled at 9.00 am in a room of IE Business School in Madrid; the seats arranged so that everyone could see each other. Coffee, biscuits and some pastries. The sobriety needed to think and dialogue in a tight hour and a half. We have assembled the Directors of Corporate Affairs of the leading pharmaceutical companies in a breakfast we have entitled Government Affairs versus Market Access: Challenges of the Department of Corporate Affairs of a Pharmaceutical Company. We consider ourselves generators and drivers of knowledge and talent.»]
[item1 titulo=»Introduction» contenido=»Hi, I’m the Director of Corporate Affairs, Market Access and Corporate Communication;
… Good morning, I’m the Director of Institutional Relations.
Hello, I’m the European Director of Medical Affairs.
After the first minute of conversation everybody discovered they had the same activity with different titles. This was the first point Pedro made us see; he represents a company with 14,000 employees.» mostrar=»none»]
[item2 titulo=»Key Points» contenido=»
– Until now, Market Access has been trending topic and Corporate Affairs no
– The strategy is marked by the anticipation and methodology
– The added value of the Department articles in at least 5 elements» mostrar=»none»]
[item3 titulo=»More information» contenido=»If you want to learn more about this event, please visit the IE blog» mostrar=»none»]


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