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Better regulation in the digital era: What is the future of business regulation? #EUPowerShift Series

The Better Regulation Agenda has been a priority of the Juncker Commission. What are the lessons learnt from the actions carried out in the past years? What remains to be done to complete this ambitious agenda? What new approaches can be thought of in the future, notably in light of the transition towards an ever more digital economy?

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¿Se trasladará el eje de poder hacia los países del sur en la UE post Brexit?

¿Qué nuevas dinámicas de poder pueden surgir entre los Estados miembro con la salida británica del tablero?

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Will we see a shift of power to the South in post-Brexit EU?

The French-German relationship has traditionally been an engine of EU construction. This tandem has often been balanced by the influence of the United Kingdom. Without the UK, what new dynamics will emerge between Member States?

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